Can I benefit from a 3D floor plan?

Have you ever been handed a floor plan by a venue and thought to yourself, "Well, I have no idea how any of this is going to look." You are not alone. Traditional overhead event floor plans, or layouts, are wonderful when helping a staff know where to set up tables, chairs. staging, etc., but it doesn't help the client to imagine the final result. Planning a large event is made up of  hundreds of little decisions, all coming together into one final product. Don't you want to see all of those decisions come together before the actual event? Just in case something doesn't quite look right? Or what if all of your tables don't fit properly? Or your projection screen isn't visible in the back of the room? With custom 3D event floor plans, these problems are easily solved and best yet, before the day of the event! This allows plenty of time to make any adjustments needed. See the difference for yourself!
Sarah Kathleen Events offers completely customized 3D floor plans. This means you will get to see your event in the exact venue, with your exact layout, color choices, AV equipment, and more, all perfectly to scale!
Why leave anything to chance? Get a real feel for your event today! Contact us now!